About Dakota Midstream

With our strategic assets and alliances, we are able to connect the Bakken’s rich energy supply to broader markets.

Dakota Midstream is an independent, privately funded company with 65 miles of pipeline in the heart of the Bakken Shale. E&P customers turn to us to reduce the costs of moving oil, gas, and saltwater. We are in the business of midstream solutions, providing safe, reliable infrastructure and a team with deep experience in the shale revolution.

We understand the fundamental forces at work in American shale production, forces that will shape the energy industry for decades to come. Our investments in new talent, assets, and technology reflect a long-term commitment to success in the Bakken, with all the advances and adaptations that our customers’ success will require.


Dakota Midstream Partners

The right partnerships to get the job done.

Our main sponsor has owned several of its portfolio companies for decades. Their investment principles reflect the spirit of Dakota Midstream. Like the enterprise itself, our investors are focused on the long term. They are not in it to meet external investment parameters or to quickly flip assets. Their prime concern is what is right for the company and its relationships.


E&P Capacity Constraints

Ready and Reliable Transmission Channels

One of the defining principles at Dakota Midstream is taking the time to truly understand the business and demands of the E&P clients we serve. An oft-stated challenge expressed by many of our E&P partners was the inadequate transmission capacity offered by many of the existing midstream service providers. We made the decision to address this structural impediment by committing significant capital to the build-out of a pipeline network offering robust capacity capable of supplying energy where it is needed when it is needed. We decided, upon consultation with various partners, that the provision of substantially larger transmission channels for our partners was necessary to accommodate all existing production as well as, and perhaps more importantly, all expected increases in produced hydrocarbons and brine.


Safety Comes First

We strive to be an exemplary corporate citizen in the communities we operate.

Energy production does not have to come at a cost of environmental harm. We take our duty of stewardship seriously at Dakota Midstream, in the care we show and the investments we make. Because we invest upfront in quality and durability, our pipelines and other infrastructure meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Likewise, nothing comes before the safety of the men and women who work for us.  All have been thoroughly trained to meet state, local and federal safety protocols, and they are led by managers with years of on-the-ground experience.


Landowner Relationships

Enabling open lines of communication.

Our company’s ethic of long-term commitments extends to landowners and local communities. These relationships depend on trust, fair dealing, and loyalty. We receive all that from our partners, and we give it in return. We’re also always open to suggestions from communities where we operate, and anyone with ideas to share can click [here].