Dakota Midstream offers a suite of midstream services:


Gas Gathering & Transmission

New regulations mandate natural gas capture plans for every new well.  We’re helping our customers to meet these requirements in ways that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving well economics.

Key Details:

  • Our gas gathering pipeline spans 20 miles and has capacity for 20 mmcf/day.
  • We provide access to a nearby processing plant, where gas is processed into pipeline-quality dry gas and natural gas liquids.
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Crude Oil Gathering & Transmission

Pipelines are the low-cost, long-term solution for getting oil from wellhead to market.  Using a Dakota Midstream pipeline, instead of trucks, helps reduce traffic congestion and improves safety on our highways.

Key Details:

  • A 20 mile, 6” 10” steel line, rated for ANSI 300 service.
  • Over 10,000 barrels of storage.
  • Truck loading and off-loading facility.
  • Access to Enbridge (Alexander, ND) and to Belle Fourche (Spackler Terminal).
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Brine Gathering & Disposal

To reduce the likelihood of spills and corrosion, we made an extra, upfront investment on our saltwater-gathering lines.  These connect directly to Dakota Midstream’s two saltwater disposal facilities – Sanders and Spackler. Staffed and operating 24/7, our wells are equipped to dispose of more than 22,000 barrels per day.

Key Details

  • 20 mile, 6” and 8’’ steel-reinforced RTP pipeline.
  • Truck off-loading and water storage facility.
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